Openings and Maintenance

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Tennis Court Openings 2018  

Its time to schedule your 2018 Tennis Court Opening.

Open and Service Tennis Courts in Quogue, Westhampton, Remsenburg and all of Long Island open tennis courts in Westhampton

- Clean off the court surface of dead material i.e. surface weeds, debris, and if needed level low spots around baseline

- Roll court as many times neccessary to effect a firm base

- Apply at least 2 tons of fast dry material

- Measure accurately the court dimensions and nail the lines into the court

- Paint net posts and affix the net and center strap to correct height

- Apply 100 pounds of Calcium Chloride

Service - 2018

Memorial to Labor Day


- Includes service from Memorial to Labor Day

- Includes rolling of tennis court

- Removing loose material i.e. pine needles, leaves, etc.

- Check of surface to assure tennis court is getting proper amount of water

-Sweep and Line Court

Hydro Courts

Hydro Courts are opened similar to traditional Har-Tru Courts.

The one main difference is we use a special Hydro Blend of Har-Tru designed specifically for Hydro Courts.

It is important not to remove to much material in order to maintain a consistent level of material throughout tennis court.

FOR SERVICES - It is important to pay special attention to mossy areas to due constant sub-irrigation.

Will work with your irrigation company to recommend proper amount of water.


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